Red remover 2 flash game.

Red remover 2 is an addictive puzzle game which will entertain you for many hours.

Red Remover 2

In Red Remover 2 when a green block is knocked off the screen, you lose the level and you must try again. As the game progress, the levels become more difficult and new rules are introduced. The blocks change color and each block may have it's own gravity that can be detected based on the direction it's eyes are facing. If the block is looking down, then the block will fly downwards when resistance is moved

If you're having trouble figuring out a level, you always have the option of viewing the video walk through, which will aid you in completing the level. Although Red Remover 2 is just as challenging as the first, it is still a learning experience, so the answers are available for anyone who feels the need to be a quitter! If you are determined on the other hand, then you may want to practice patience and persistence to reach your goal of solving the puzzle by yourself. Make sure you consider every possibility before you make the decision to move a block, as a wrong move could send all of the tumbling, including the green blocks.

One of the most interesting feature of Red Remover 2 is the level creator, which you can use to create your own challenging levels. You could also create levels that will challenge a friend of yours, or perhaps even your child. Red Remover 2 is a game that the entire family can enjoy playing together.